buyer bot 5000

has anyone heard anything about a bot for runescape that you can list things you want it to buy from the general store and it gets em as fast as it can? because I swear at the store I was tryin to buy the uncut gems that show up everynow and then and every time one showed up I couldn’t get it, and since it was on the bottom of the screen all I had to do was click 2 times as fast as possible. so tap tap less than .2 seconds and I bought it (this is if you have one mouse button on not 2) and the other person got it, I wasn’t lagging but either I was against some dude who was as fast as bruce lee, or someone made a buyer bot…

think of this? someone was faster?

This program is called a macroer or autoer. It is against RS rules and most likely is fake and contains a keylogger.

take that god chaser! thanks icedearth, I was wondering if it existed, if there was a miner bot, a buyer bot can’t be far behind, there’s currently one workin in world one on runescape buyin gems

MAN ITS DOIN RUNES TOO! I can’t get anythin anymore, and world one general store is the best place to get cheap stuff…F&#$

I’ve had the same issue, where someone buys something as fast as it is put in the general store. I think that people are just faster than you.

if you read globals speal there are buyer bots, but yes I know i’m not the fastest, its just when there’s such a small delay and u lose anyways somethin aint right. But I just wanted to know if a market buyin bot existed, and yeah now that I know I’m cool with it. Is there anyway to detect bots?

Yes, if you know what your doing.

no u cant have buyer bots it against the rules if u want to play rs u need to play it fair and not like a b!@#$

Have you found out if it is the same person or not? You may want to contact Jagex about it, if you truely think they are using bots.