buyin 10k raw lobbies

well im buying 10k raw lobbies for 10k… post back and/or add whats_down to your runscape friends to talk

Are you serious? Please tell me your joking…

seriously im like not

10k raw labs for 10k??? Well, I’m selling 10 raw lobs for 10k anyone wanna buy? :roll:

omg lol now i see what u mean i meant ill buy 10k raw lobbies for 300k!!! lol

ne takers??? lol

Please wait longer before you bump, and 300k still a bit cheap :wink: Try buying for more around 2 million

you just leave it to me lol i eventually find a buyer at 300k

yes seriously thats such a rip

OK I’ll stay out but good luck


Good luck finding a buyer that will sell 10k lobbies for 30 each when they can easily sell for 200 each.

lol, thats hopeless!! i can easily get 200 of em!!!

The world will end before forums will actually have serious buyers and sellers and no noobs polluting it with futile posts. I would just stop worrying about these types of posts and find a better deal.

raw/cooked lobs still sells for around 100-200gp each.
i’ve got some cooked if you would like to buy at 200gp each.


hahahahah all you stupid people i got myself a buyer hahahahaha :o

I bet you actually didnt your just saying that so that we feel like we were wrong…

seriously i got a seller but he’ll have the lobs in like 5 days

Locked for Outrageous Stupidity