buyin mith bars 1k each

ill buy up to 330, bought some before and need 330 more, just give watevr im on now and i want them now.

cmon people hurry up

hi i seell you mith ore rs name : i em miner

um i said bars. dont wanna waste time making bars.

well i think that my freind eros123 has some bars to sell you put him on your freind list on rs.

I have like 50 (maybe like 100) of them from killing shadow warriors. Wanna buy?

i sell u 130 bars

add, sins envy

I can get you 200 mith bars
might take a day or 2

My RS name is Jamie cat

i have 6 bars you can buy
rsn xfourx

i have 50 bars plz pm me ingame at codylanjake

I have 70 R s N pollytech99

i have about 15


edit: nevermind i forgot i cant smelt mith…
i got ores and coal you can buy though…

i will sell you tones of mith bars
i have alot
my screen name is dandws2