buyin sellin and takin orders a.k.a 1 big shop

I sell:

coal:125 gp ea (cheaper if bought in bulk) 500 in stock
yew logs: 275 gp ea 200 in stock
big bones 200 gp ea 100 in stock
dragon bones 2.5k ea 50 instock
a wide selection of runes : prices vary (variable stock)
more stock coming soon

I buy:

mith ore : 300 ea
all lobsters:200ea
steel arrows:15gpea

my msn address is add me
or pm me

wanna buy addy (t) helm, legs and plate body?

i buy 500 coal
RSN : drkac13

ill buy ALL the coal u get. pm here if u want me 2 b a pernament coal buyer

ill buy all you big bones

i have about 100 mith ore to sell u my name is noxx98

I sell u black (t) armor i want 65k for pl8 and 60k for legs if u interested.

yeah right that is way too much

that is way much i got mine full for 8k

Wanna buy full addy (g)? Offer if you do.

I changed the price on that black t i got it in a pk run and didnt know how much it was i put it up for auction in the armour and weapon section its going for 50k right now. Zach if you got full black (T) for 8k i wanna know where your getting that!

zach that was probably just black u got not the trimmed version of it.