buyin these kind of ores??

im buyin 5k of iron ores and 20k of silver ores

any1 has these kinda of ores pm me
ill buy with these prices:

irons 50each if u got 1-500 ores
65each 500-1k
75 1k-5k

silver 60each if u got 1-1k
70each 1k-5k
100each 5k-10k
125each 10k-15k
150each 15k-20k

pm me for jobs or if u sell me these ores i also buy big bones pm me
bollaholic1, azn-pker444, megamanx533 these are my acc

No offense but those prices suck! No ones gonna sell to you unless you
raise up ur prices check Keyser520s prices. they are normal…