buying 10 cooked trouts, 10 loaves of bread and and iron bar

Ima also buying chicken, bear, cow and rat meats, all raw. and all kinds of dyes, name a price for all of this and ill most probably pay it. the price cant be over 1500 for all of this. post your name and come to world 27(member) if ur a free player then tell me what world to come to. my RS name is 1colonel1, add me and tell me that your selling me the items. also please leave your RS name here so i amy contact you. thank you. Leave you price here and ill post and say who im buying from. Thank you again. Ill be at Falador, the west bank. thank you again. WE can also negotiate the price of the items. you can also sell some of the items, you dont have to sell me all of them.