Buying 100k of adamant arrows!

Hi! I’m buying 100k worth of adamant arrows. My rs name is Hakre and I’ll be in world 70 Catherby bank waiting for the buyer. But first, someone tell me how many arrows I will get for 100k lol!

well they r 200 each in the shop but normally ppl sell large amounts 4 300 each which u musn’t buy, my advice is go 2 the ranging shop and buy them from there whilst they r cheap

When I try to go there, they’re out! So I might as well buy them from a player.

Sorry, I’m not selling addy arrows, but if you could come across addy bars and have headless arrows, I’d gladly craft them for you.


addy arrows rnt 200 each! where the hell do u get ur prices? they r 80-100gp each. you will be able to get 1k arrows give or take a few hundred

So is anyone going to sell it to me or what? Because I really need the arrows people!

Ehh, nvm! Mods please lock the topic!!