buying 1k iron

i’m buying 1k iron for 50-55k
i need exacly 1k of iron not in little ammounts either 1k or an amount of more then 500 iron. I pay 50 for each iron ore and as i said i will pay about 50k to 55k but i’m willing to nagotiat. But nothing over 70k

Sry for posting this but ur gonna get iron at the cheapest about 80 each…

ok then i’ll buy them for 75 each and i’ll buy 600 of them for 45-48k

thats a little better lol

i will mine 1k iron…but dun ya tink 75gp is a lil…low ?hpe u increase the price by a little higher…reply here or pm me…
runescape name:scholarship

srry for wastingyour time but i dicided not to buy iron because i’m realy poor and i only had enought to paid 50 each again srry to waste your time =-[

Ill sell iron ore for 50gp each , name the number :wink:

sell you about 100 iron for 35 each

well if your sealing that cheap i’ll buy those 100 irons from spardra and 700 iron from mouthgate for 35k
Contact me in game Rs:name is Megamat2004
Scholorship srry i can’t buy your iron because if i buy it more then 50 each i’m going to realy realy broke