Buying 500 Raw Lobsters for 100k

Buying 500 raw lobsters for 100k.

Post here or add me in game- m0nkeyboy X

if you are still interested in buying the lobbies i would be happy to take the job of catching them, i should have the buy Friday night April 21 so if your still interested just let me know

i got 500 raws ill sell u

Ok, add m0nkeyboy X and post here what time you want to trade me. I can be on practically anytime.

i will also be buying raw lobs at 200 per, if your looking to sell add stud mysta

b5, make your own thread please. Don’t steal my business.

hey i have your lobsters so anytime you want them just pm me at Codename 22

Ok, I just traded with Codename. Thanks!

Be sure to rate me on iTrader.