Buying 50k Iron Bars!!! or less


username: 1434sweet

i sell you 1k iron bars at 250gp each ok??

Keyser just sold 30k on main forums for 221 ea -.-

drat. I just sold 30k. I have 4k left lol

lol… its bcoz he hates me… dats y he didnt sell it to me… i offered him 225ea fot it way b4 back… tho ill still buy da 4k u hav

username: 1434sweet

ill get u some like maybe 2k or something? I might get 3k

ok ill buy

username: 1434sweet


ill get u some soon but i want 80 comabt right now. Im 79 and only like a strength lvl away

ill get u some but i only have like 300 right now