buying a full tiara set

buying a full tiara set including:

air, mind, body, water, earth, chaos, fire, cosmic, and nature

i will pay 40k

u realy need to pay much more!

do you have them 2 sell cuz i might

only 4 Tiaras cost 40k. and those Other Tiaras, Chaos, Cosmic, and Nature, will cost way more than 10k, considering only members can make them…I’d say the final totla is about more than 100k.

do you have any i could buy?

yes, I do, and I have more than 20 Tiaras. If you want, just buy a little. I’m selling AIr, Fire, Water, Earth, Mind, and Body Tiaras. About the Chaos, Cosmic, and Nature Tiaras, that would cost a lot. I just have the basic Tiaras. 10k each.