Buying A Pixel Sig

EDIT:…screw it i made a new post requesting 1, if u wana make go here

Dam thought you needed a ps one :frowning: anyways try chaos…

no need to fear CHAOS IS HERE! :wink:

:smiley: I feel special. This is the problem… 450k is too low, idk why am doing snuffles for only 500k but w/e. I you would like for me to do it, 600k sorry…

also am so behind, i have like 4 more to do, 3 days a piece.

so am probably not your best choice if your short on Cash ans patients.

ya cant afford u 425k is all my armor and weapons sold + some cash i had, so no i cant get anymore
cash yes, pacients no

k lol sorry, cant afford me you wont be able to afford terley.

umm u can lower the price and try an “ok” pixeler.

EDIT: try applebox

dam…if i was only a member for 1 day…this wouldnt be so hard
well, if u play rs alot, how much do 221 laws, 57 gold bars, 18 diamondsand 46 rubys go for?

erm i dont play lol, i just keep it as a Rs cash storage from pixels

hmm…well ill see how much those sell for and then edit this to see how much it adds to my cash

srry for the 2x post but know i have 510k if that matters

i gues i can do it for 500k =\ but i have to finish my others

lol not to be mean but it was meant for anyone else to that wants to try too, just sayin
if anyone else wants to try to make 1 they can try

applebox is looking at the thread hed be perfect!

dude if u dont want to do it u dont have to
i just updated my price cause u said yourself pixels are worht more than that

i said ill do it, but u need to have paitance, i have like 4 others to do…

hey like i said, i have patients, dont worry, i can wait as long as it takes

You play chess don’t you? :wink:

oh hi grim, havent seen u in a while

Same same, (sorry to spam up the board). Hows the pixel making business comming along?

as long as your spaming im ok with it :wink: and its a free bump lol

just going to bump this…i dont think anyone would mind…
btw its been 3 days so im just wondering if likein the next 2 or 3 days if itll be done