Buying A Sweet Avatar

wow u guys rock on for graphix:D :smiley:

really nice work

could you do one of “Smith” (my current avatar) for me?

full body with the gun and shoulder holster?

i’ll pay 20k for the nicest one

if you agree to make one then plz reply then go about your buisnes

ill 100% do it just tell what i need to make again coz i didnt get what u just said =P

AND W00T! i got first post!! :highfive:

kk this guy (pic) with his gun(pic) plus a shoulder holster with one more gun (pic) but i want i to look striaght at me when hes my avatar not off to the side (like the pic) and the suite jacket opend so you can see the holster and gun

I could give it a go…

when do you think you can have it done?

no rush by the way but plz before christmas,lol

I think i could try


ok that looks ok lets see if anyone else posts

hmmm…just browsing and a thought that came to my head was. how are we supposed to add all of this extra stuff to a real image? we cant manipulate it because it is a still picture and 2D in a sense…


i hope mine is picked