Buying All Addy Arrows

plz sell 1k or more at 140 each!! post below

i’m selling 20k addy arrows

ok keyser i’ll buy 6k off ya thx! my rsn is blo0o0opy (0 = zeros)

hi, Keyser can i buy some addy arrows too, same price 140. thanks Pm me or msg me in game…you know me, i’ve sold some stuff to you before

can you guys be online at 6-7 pm est tonight to trade? if not, we’ll have to arrange another time for me to get these arrows to you

ok, i’ll try… if not i’ll be on at like 730 or 8 ok? thx save me at least 6k :slight_smile:

[6:47]hey have u added me right? i cant see u online my rsn is blo0o0opy (0 = zeros)

i added keyser520