Buying all airs

Buying all air runes, up to 5k post ur prices!

will you accept 30gpeach for my air?

ill sell u some fo 25 ea if u can

how many? i need at least 500

i can provide 3k, but i have over 975 airs right now because i’m crafting air runes. so if you want to buy them from me come to world 33 in falidor east bank right now.

7k airs for 189k (27gp ea) private message me in game
always in world 30

i can sell 1k airs for 35k

i’ll sell you an air staff :slight_smile:

i sell u 2k airs 30ea

Who do you sell 1k airs for 35k to?

i sell you 4k airs 22 each–wizo123

Ill sellya 12k airs for 18 ea. Add ‘I The Bane I’ Ingame

Ill sell 5k airs 20 each.

rs name: Mophead02

please contact me

ill sell 1k for 20k

add me rsn “wizzard pars”

sell 4k airs…
like the title says…
30 ea
so please contact me in RS
RSN: blackfight15

i hav 43 k airs, selling them 4 20ea mail me at
RSN: De Lille D