Buying all coal 200 ea. iron 100 ea.

Like title says, must have 1k or more. Must sell in batches of 500’s,
Post here how much u have and ur rs name.
My rs name is Linquidator.

ill sell 1.3k coal and 1k iron, are u on now?

I sell 6k coal for 1.2mil

i will sell u 1500 coal for 200 each add shakori

hey ill sell u 2100 coalz for 420k…my runescape name is tannese just add me and buy them if u like… 420k is 200 each if ur wondering…

hey ill sell u 1600 add michael15041 or pm me

I’ll sell you 1k iron. RSN–> nortnortnort

Ill sell you 2k coal. msg me ingame my rsname is 9276wizard.

kk, i will buy all order once i get more money, got to much ores, pm me in the game.