Buying all ess!!!

buying all ess for 10 - 15 ea. Add conquest_war in game

that is realy cheep most ppl sell 20 each

When I get 500 ess ill sell it for 20 each.

see ppl sell for 20 each usally

Yeah, I found this one guy who will buy for 25 each $$

one of my friend buys for that sometimes 30 each

Wow, whats his RS name?

my bro’s freind used to buy 30 each but he sn’t getting any more… he has around 15K rune ess

i usually buy 35-40 each, but it have 20k rune ess, so i dont need

looks like i’ll have to mine it myself lol. atleast i get my mining lvl up

can sum1 help me to get my signature goin. here it is here.

but it isn’t working in the signature box