Buying All GOLD Ore 600GP Each Ore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

600ea!!! HOLY CRAP! Will you buy gold bars?

dude!!! ill definatley mine for you!!!
rsn: elamintalist

i hac 699. i will sell if i see u online some time.

PM me on rs- my name is ksam92. i’ll getcha however many you want - you buying bars?

i have 1k, rsn grommet1131

ill get you ores

wil you buy bars if so how much

i have 100 ore right now-rsn maximus2411.

kk can i buy into this???

i can get ores…

im only guessing, but this guy is probly pullin a joke,unless he is for real then post sayn that yu sold ur ores to him

yea i was just thinking the same thing, this has been posted 4 days ago…
Wanna bet he’s thinking: april fools!!!

ill sell u alot add pure raideri

a joke… darn thats pretty mean lol

ill sell u 300 gold ore 600 ea pm me

lol this is funny, on runehq i saw a guy sayin selling laws 10gp ea., he had 50+ pages of posts and none of them he did it was so funny

thats gotta be funny…