Buying all Raw lobsters 225 each

Buying all raw lobsters 200 each contact me here or in game if u can sell to me or be a permanent seller ty

Looking for lots of lobbies up to 2k … ty:D

he ill get u raws. for some reason lobsters seem to come to me pretty fast now that i have 47 fish. ill get u raws in no time. so 225 each huh? alrite tehn ill be a permanent seller. my RS name is “robazdueling”. alrite tehn c ya in RS!

KK , thanks man i really did need a permanent seller and now uve come along i have 1 thanks

no problem! o and sorry if i offended u with that whole" are u australian" comment. alrite then c ya on rs lata

no offence taken lol

alrite good! :slight_smile: