Buying all rune items for cash

i am buying 1 of all rune items
post ur rs name, item , and price
the lowest price wins

cocofighter sells rune sq (dunno price) rune scimmy 30k and baxe 50k

i can sell almost everything i think

plate body 75k
full helm 35k
legs 55k
kite 55k

rsn xfourx

i will sell u a rune full helm for 39k and a rune med for 16k. u wana buy.

ILL sell the scimmy ONLY 28k!!!
pm me Mr. Jek (thats mr dot space jek)
sickmate 8)

warhammer 50k

long for 32k u_ cux2

i sel u baxe 50k

rs name=jeffman1991
item=Rune b-axe 50k
Rune Long 30k

i sell u
runeplate body: 73k
rune kite :55k
rune legs : 60k

Rune Spear ยง offer!

ke7 sells legs for 60k