Buying All Silver Ores And Bars

[b]Hi all, Please help me to make my dream come true…
My dream is to get lvl 70 crafting so… I need People who sells me silver ores and bars…

We will discuss the prises of the silver ores and bars online…

RSN: Dries_1991[/b]

I’m currently smithing 100 silver bars. Post a price, be ready tonight (GMT time)

10K for 100 silver bars

Not selling for 100gp each. Can get more than that

ill sell for like 300-350 each(No lower so don’t ask)
I have 815 atm
pm me in game

Here are my prises: +1K silver bars( or ores ) for 150ea
-1K silver bars ( or ores ) for 100ea

then no u lose

silver bars for 100 each is a rip off

i’m buying all silver ores too for 200gp each

Make your own thread an do not advertise in other people’s threads.