buying all tiarras

buying all f2p tiaaras except plain post how much

name a price and i might make some for you.

wait u can make it a certain kind if u wuld tell i wouldnt buy if not ,10k?

If you have the talisman, I can make you any kind you want.

how do you make it i need to know plz…

Well, I don’t know what the required levels are for making it. All I know is that I have the ability to make it (crafting is 72). If you give met he talisman I can make it for you.

well, i no with 58 crafting i can make all f2p of em…idk bout mem cuz im not a member atm

how do u enchant tiaras?

These tiaras still bring many questions…
…wait awhile and you might soon find your answer!

i know, so many questions about tiaras and the new runes.

Right taiarras r made by using sliver bars with the tiarra mold (this is members only) thats the crafting bit. Free Players can buy tiarras and take them to there wanted alter and use it on the alter and it will join the tiarra with the tally in ur inventory. Any1 correct me if i wrong but i think thats right.

i thought JaGex said that F2P could make Tiaras too?..ohh well maybe im wrong.

No, chaos your right they are for f2p! I was cancelled out of my membership for a few days and i saw most people wearing them!

f2p can i just made 2 of them

wow ur right chears chaos for being clever AGAIN! lol
p.s can some1 post how much xp u get from making them coz im getting my crafting up and these symbols really bore me now

ok rdy lol watch me clear all this up:

they are made by using a tiara mold with a silver bar f2p can make them. they give more xp than holy symbols. u need lvl 23 crafting 2 make any kind, and when u make them enchanted, u get rc xp. u bring a tali and the tiara and use the tiara on the rune altar. the tali and the tiara fuse and u get an enchanted 1. they sell for about 2-5k ea, last time i checked,( the price is going down real quick, so no point in making a ton of them)

dont quote me on that last part, cuz i dont no how mucht he member 1s sell for, cuz im f2p. ppl still sell for 10k or more if theyre real desperate.

it does say that in the update on the site but in the crafting skill it shows

I have 75 enchanted tiaras that i will sell for 10k each if you want. 750k for all.

Oh yeah, if you have the crafting level (23) you can craft tiaras. Even F2p.

Yea im sure that it did when i first went on after the update but its changed no if u look at it.

I’m selling all my Tiaras, 10k each, they are all enchanted, PM me in the game, my RSN is nightstar34.