Buying all willows 32gp each!

Buying willow logs 32gp each, limit 10k =) pm deadbyranged or post here!

Umm… 10 limit??? Is that max?? Isn’t that a little low? But hey… I’ll sell 10 willow logs.

Pm me… Lordmactalon

Must Be Poor…

10k, srry mistiped it

ill sell 1k cus i need my wodcutting up

i need 2 lvl my woodcuttin but my fletchin aswell, i could maybe spare u a couple of hundred tho @ 35ea

he ment 10k the whole time lol

dang he must be poor

I would sell you 2k but i wont be able to get to you until monday… pm me in game then

rsn=l0l your ded

i gots 200 of em!!! get on d00d!