Buying any kind of party hat or mask or any rare drop item

Buying any kind of party hat or mask or any rare drop item just post here what u have and how much u want for it 8)

ill sell you a black 2h its rare isnt it

Not exaclty…

Dakine I have a hard tiem believing you can afford a party hat but I may be wrong.

im srry but there is no way u could buy a p hat unless u have a main acount wit ha lot better stats than that…i mean what the hell i cant even buy a p hat mostly cus i spend all the money i get but thats not the point.and i doubt u even have 1 mill and so wtf!

and black 2 handers arent rare there is a member shop that sel;ls them fairly cheap

i got some money. sportfreak what do u have and how much?

i wanna buy a red halloween mask!! id: runghcnt
contact me in the game if u see me

7 mil For Purple Party hat

I have a easter egg for sale. I will sell it for the best offer you give.

yeah i wanna buy easter agg check u thread u started earlier ok 8)

there is a guy selling an easter egg, bids start at 200k bids 50k apart 800k automatic win

same guy 8)

you mean its you who set that up?

no a different guy made it

I’ll sell you a blue mask. Asking for 800k.