Buying any mask

Im buying any mask

Ill sell you green Halloween mask, how much will you pay?

a ring of wealth, full rune,2 ammys of strength and 1 of power. If you think its worth more tell me.

The Green mask’s are worth around 500k now… I think please correct me if wrong.

Is my offer good?or more?

only money or other rare item.

another ring of wealth

Money or another rare item…

a black berret

cmon its enough now


my gosh thats 600k!

lol yeah ok…

ok whats ur rs name

NVM NFS, Better offer found

what were you offered?:frowning:

Blue Halloween mask

Did you get it?


So that means Im looking for one again:(

Well you got really lucky rune knight, blue is worth about 150k less than double the green mask.