Buying Archer

Buying pker account(archer plz)

u cant buy other people accounts, its against the rules.

yes you can’t buy other accounts slip is right and also if u want to be archer make new account and get defence and attack and range up
start ranging chickens to level 10 ranged and collect ur arrows then get defence and attack to 20 or 30 ( keep them the same like 28 28 or 30 30) and if u are level 35-50 combat and 40 ranged u are in the money. so at 10 ranged and the good attack and defence do barbarians the the right of the bar in barbaian village where there is a respawning barbarian. at level 35 its hard. have ur arrows and spiked ranged armour and go the north-east of edgville to guards and range them from behind the bars. ( use iron arrows or steel if u rich or member ) since bronze took me a whole day to get from 5-40 which was waste of time and arrows when i couldve gotten more from getting money. and always bring good food like swordies or il be happy to make u a full inventory of cooked lobs if u meet me in karajamma with logs up to willow ( non-member logs only ) and il get u them if u get me a lobbie pot and leave a good word on my posts since this is really useful info!!!

who knows…
don’t buy or sell accts…

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