buying coal! OFFERS up to 192 EA *depends on amount*

no noob offers plz (ie below 100coal). add nightkidsr32 and pm in game/alternatively place ur RSN here ^^
the payment guide is as follows
Amount : Price
100 - 500 150ea
501 - 1000 170ea
1001-3000 180ea
3001-5000 186ea
>5000 192ea

NB: plz post amount too

check hero’s market under general market i have good prices there.

talk to me online i can get you a lot of coal :slight_smile:
Dont have an amount but i can get you over 5k per 2 weeks
If that sounds good pm me in game

Oldest hero - plz keep it simple no mining network crap just state rsn, amount and i will pay accordingly -.-’ you do the arrangements