buying cow hides 100 each

as it said in title buying cow hides 100 each…

how many u need

1k cow hides for 100k my name on rs2 is 3s3s3s3s3s3s just pm me and well do buisness…

u got about 2–3 days and i might be able to get you 2k maybe 2.5k

Sigh, I really need to get back into these boards…I see my control of them has slipped in my absense. lol (everyone who’s been here for a over 4 months should know what i mean)

Yea, lol i understand you Keyser :wink: You really were like the GOD of the market… lol

Well, be warned. I may be trying for that status again…as soon as I finish buying all the seeds I can…

ill sell u 52 cowhides for 5k…rs name skellybelly8

well i pm’d u and ur not talking on the game whats up?