Buying D Sq and a Whip

So I’m buying D Sq and a Whip, don’t really know the prices, so can people say things like “i’ll sell for so and so” that sort of thing.

i dont have but whip is worth 2.3 mil and if i remember right d sq is worth 3.7 mil

ummm lol…

wayyyyy off.

whip is like 3 mil. and d sq is around 2.8 mil

lol dca where did u even get those prices???

Naaa, dude whip went down a bit to 2.3M
And Dragon [] is not 3.7M It’s like 2.55-2.7:tiny:

lol the d square is 2.7-2.8 and the whip is 3-3.1 mil. GO look on forums and world 2 right now to see!

yea the whip is 2.9-3.1 mill

no it recently went down i know because i had bought 1 and sold it in world 2 (prices are always higher in world 2)

dude i was literally just on forums. In fact im looking at it right now. They are no less than 2.9. People are trying to sell for 3.1 though. Go look yourself!

omg u noobs need to learn prices, whips dropped from 3.4 to 2.4mil like a month ago, they have since gone up to 3.1-3.2mil, u wont find sum1 selling under 3mil, under 3.1mil u mite get if u lucky

I bought my whip 3.1 and then figured i didn’t have enough money for d sq aswell :slight_smile: so i bought d legs instead =p