Buying dragon hatchet!

Name your price please

is there even a dragon wcing axe beacuse that is what hatchet means right?

ok newb it came out about 3 weeks ago check ur wcing thinky on ur stats

ok thanks alot i didn’t knwo lolz

i sell u d axe for 7.4M cash

Lmao 7.4, it’s 4-5

they say drgon pickaxe is coming soon!!!and u can get it about 3million if u get luckey

5.1M cash.

this is kinda off topic, but does it have a spec?

Yes, i think it has a Special.

It does, lowers mage and defense. It’s called Clobber.
Why dont u go to Runehq??? Ur more likely to get one there Keyser.

he knows where the topic belongs hes a mod lol

how much stats u got to wield it?

u need 41 wc, same as rune axe,

I’ll pay 4 mil for it. Anyone?

4.5m cash (10 char limit)

4 mil cash
or 45 glories ?