Buying Full Black (T)

ill buy for 200k or more, we can work out a deal

im sellin, but could get more than 200k… :?
got any better offers?

270k?? :?

nvm dude, i can get more around 320-350k soz.

ill pay 330k then, plz?
one thing, first i have to sell my full addy to my freind, ok?

hmm. 20k more and deal. put sum item or summin :roll: :lol:

or i could just add the price 20k, 350K?
i said above that i have to sell sometn to my freind first, ill notify u when he gets on

huh? 350k dude, and its a deal ok?

kk. btw, i cant log on now, i can tomorrow.

neway, add me and i will pm u when im on.