buying full rune (t) or (g)

buying full rune t im giving a very good offer shown bellow:
282 law runes
119 k cash
full addy (t)
full black (g)
full rune no helm
please sell it my username is the falcons0

ppl im still on talk to me on rs to offer sumthing else i negotiate

no 1 is selling because that adds up to like 900k at the most and rune t is 1.2mil and rune g is 1.3mil-1.6mil

here is the price for everything:
282laws:142 k-280k
full addy(t):300k
full black (G):300 k
full rune no helm:170 k
and 179 k cash
total:998 k-1178 k

i dotn get it why dont u just sell all of the m1 by one adn then get the money. once having the money can u jsut buy the stuff then?

because laws specially are very hard to sell if sum1 accepts the laws and gives me time to sell all ill gladly agee