buying G shield

75k, message me ingame or in this thread


I sell mine come to world 12 draynor bank or anyother places?

Edit : gtg i msg you l8r if you still wanan buy

Are you going to buy it or not…

ill buy! forgot to check if any1 posted, sry :slight_smile:

still buying (sry for Double posting)

to late i sold it for 105k - besides they sell 90-100k

lol, i can get easly for 80k

buying for 85k now

OK, now im “Selling” granite shield :hyper: post offers here

i sell for 75k ok??

ok .

Are you seriouse! You’ve double and TRIPLE posted multiple times! ITS CALLED EDITING. Get used to it or your threads may be locked.

the double post i posted 1 week ago -_-

So… ? Who cares the gap inbetween them. You double posted. TRIPLE posted, like come on! It must be because your from Norway.

u can only bump post every 2 weeks or u could be on temp. banned or perm ban