buying guthix pl8 and kite!!!!!

hey, buying a guthix pl8 and kite: pl8 for 600k because that is wat the price when it went down…and the kite for 300k-400k…add ducktape61 or send me a message plz sell i have been lookin for ever for guthix anything but i need the pl8 and kite most…

how about the plate at 620k?

i will think bout it but do u have the kite?..and how do u get those sigs i try to get some all the time but cnt how do u get um?

k, no sorry i only have the plate, and i got the sigs awhile back from a guy who made them for me.

add me in game i can sell you the pl8 mayb i think my m8 has one

ok well my friend has the money that he owns and i am tryin to get it from him when ever he is on…ok…so and he is payin for the pl8 and kite…so if i get it bak from him i will tell ya’ll k?..pce out…o and is it ok if u add me cause i got lik no friends…=(…lol