Buying Herbs and second Ingredients

Buying Guam and Marrentill, along with Eye of Newt, and Ground Unicorn Horn. I am offering 100k.
Here is what i need:
50 Guam, buying at 500gp each, total, 25000gp. (25k)
50 Eye of New, buying at 25gp each, total, 1250gp. (1.25k)
50 Marrentill, buying at 600gp each, total, 30000gp. (30k)
50 Ground Unicorn Horn, buying at 500 each, total 25000gp. (25k)
15 Limpwurt Root, buying at 80gp each, total 12000gp. (12k)
15 Tarromin, buying at 500gp each, total 7500gp. (7.5k)

In total, that will add up to a grand total of 100,750 gp (100k). I am usually on World 46, and I prefer to buy them all at once. Either that, or sell me herb and the second ingredient together. RSN: nightstar34.

i will sell u marrentil and i also have limps but ur price is to low

alright, how much of each you got? and how much should i offer then?

i have 55 lipms and i want 800 each for them

800 each huh? you got tarromin as well? well, i buy alll your identified herbs, and your limps. offer, 74k

I’ll sell you 100+ limps, 800 each also.

i got the guams end maybe some marren end tarro add wolfje29