Buying Iron Arrows, 10gp each, as Many as Possible

…yeah. PM, I’m Darth Rune 5, and sell. I need them 15gp, as I’m poor, or CHEAPER. All offers accepted. :slight_smile:

there 25gp each lol

ill sell to you 25 gp ea…

Read the part that says I’m POOR. I have 13K in money and maybe 2-3K in items. But if u insist, I’ll move the price to 15, I repeat, 15 gp.

ive got 4.3 irons for sale but ill sell um to you for 25 each

I need atleast 500 arrows. Your offers would cost me 12, 500gp or 12.5K. I have 15-16K MAXIMUM. Please make it 15.

no one is gona sell iron arrows to you if your buying 15 each