Buying nature runes 400 each

Buying 50+ nature runes for 400 each.

i will sell u 50 nats for 4000 eaach if u want more i got100 my name is: syntic14

do you want that many in a lump or is it ok if they are sold in bits?

I’m looking to buy up to 2.5K nats. I only want to buy from people who have more than 50 nats.

I will buy every single nat you have for “400 each”

RSN: Jacobien

ok then

hey ill sell u 100 nature runes wats ur user name? mine is syntic14

ill sell you 250, since i cant high alch yet i have no use for them lol

I will sell 120 nature runes, username is in the sig.

ill sell you 500 natures. just pm me in game.

i changed my mind… im selling 1k nature runes for 400ea. pm me in game to buy.

lol bit late but i got 360 nats

i have some on sale

wow, u must be riiiich!

not neciserally and that is classed as spamming

i sell 3k nats 400 each. rsn: spadeymcnigg

il make u them just pm me on runescape and ask me when u want them and how many and il make them u for 350gp my names emo116 remember that name anytime im normally on every day for hours