buying rares

i buy rare items some of the time. post what rare you would like to sell and how much it would cost
pm me in the game and post here please
rsn- pk_mager_af
ty :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
bye :wave:

i sell blue mask 5,8M?

Ill sell u my disk of returning for 5 mill

ill sell you a rune plateskirt (G) for 350k

ill sell you a pirate hat for 250k :slight_smile:

guys he is askin for rare items not hoilday drops. Anway ill sell you a red mask 7.8 mil? blue mask 5.8 mil? green mask 4.8 mil?

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um…wat r u trying to say russel?

i know old but masks are holiday drop items when you say hes not looking for them…

hmmm i got camo legs u wanna buy?

Not a rare item snort

oh ok srry ill delte it.

ill sell you 8000000k

ill sell u pumpkin u offer pl0x

disk of returning for 5mill.

Err…this is like 2 months old palo i doubt he would respond :wink:

I’ve got a santa hat that you can have for 5.5M