Buying rune essences

Im looking for a permanent seller of rune essence… well for like 1 month. I got 300k and im buying rune ess with it. ill be buying it 20-25. Ill buy minimum of 1k ess and a maximum if 5k essence so i hope u have good mining and you enjoy doing it. I am open to anyone who wants to sell to me. first one who wants to or already has a lot of essence will be my seller. I will buy the essence every saturday for 1 month so ill be buying from you 4 times. Thank you to anyone who wants to sell to me.

I think I could do the Job. Count me in.

I have like 600 right now. Its pretty fast. Ill have over 1k by saturday for sure. :wink:

If you can get more than 1k i would be happy :). You are hired.

Np, Ill have it by Saturday so every sat. we meet. PM in game
if you want sooner or something or to know how much i got 8)

K we will met in falador every saturday when we are both on and ill buy however many u got.

Cool, is your RSU - Nolty?

Nah its sagoz and i wont be on until about 2 and a half hours from the time i post this. What time is it where you are? so i know the time difference.