Buying sig 20k

I am paying 20k for a sig. I want flames in the backround and it to say “:CAOS LEGION 70+ combat”: if it is good i will contact u in game and pay the money

do u want a background as a redish blackish color? and how big do you want it like 500x 200?

I’ll try and make you one, my rs username is michaelks

Do you want anything else in it, like a buddy?

How’s this???

Pretty good. Meet me world 30 neer varrok east bank. i will get u 20k there. :stuck_out_tongue: P.s. take ur name out of it and put mine in. but dont say made by…

Dang Michaelks that’s pretty good ^^

Make me one for free Lol… Your great at sigs!

No go back to old one. Put my name on bottom left corner and make ur name really small cause i cant tell whos sig it is lol.! everything is messy

Is that right? Or do you want the clan legion and moriquendi out?

I’ll be on tommorrow at 4:00 pm eastern time.

sounds good! but im not on then. next week monday at 3 eastern sound good. any time next week

hrmm…i think you should learn how to spell! chaos is spelled with an h! d’oh! I give up…

I thought that was the name of your username or something, that’s the way you spelled it on the first post.

Better late than never…