Buying the following!

I am need of these for my pure:

2 Adament Scimitars: 9k for all.
5 Mithril Scimitars: 6k for all.
10 Steel Scimitars: 4k for all.[/b][b]2 Adament Scimitars: 9k for all.
All the Trout/Sardines/Meat I can get my hands on.
Trout: 20gp ea.
Sardines: 5gp ea.
Meat: 5gp ea.

I am always buying the food, but weapons are a limited time offer.
Contact me on Fallon009, post here first if selling anything.

Oi is that cooked meat or raw meat and if i give you 400 cooked meat do i get 2k lol or can i get extra for bulk…

interested in buying cooked lobbies?

Kahuna: I’ll buy for 10k
Nmknhdragon: No thank you.

How bout 119 cooked meat?

Ill buy those for 2k.

i will sell u the 5 mith scimtars, i have 60 total mith scimtars, if you wanna buy them.

5 is fine, I’ll be on later.

ill sell any trout i can to you.

If you havn’t gotten the scimmy’s I can make em for you, if you still need the steel scimmy’s, I’ll make those too. I’ll be on later today (have to go to bed and wake up first) lapeirce16-world 28 is where I’m always at

Elder fang: Awsome
Lapeirce: Steel scimitars are fine. :slight_smile:

ok, cool…

I’m online now, will be for a lil while after this post. Message me when you want them, and I’ll meet you. — lapeirce16 (rs name)

ill sell you 1k trout cooked

I made the steel scimmy’s yesterday… but I have to go to work ina few,pm me when you’re on if you still want them.

lapeirce16 - rs name