Buying trading cooked lobsters for raw lobsters

Ok, here are the deals I’ll post 3 of them:

  1. Trading my cooked lobsters for your raw lobsters at 1:1 ratio
  2. Buying raw lobsters for 200 gp each
  3. Selling cooked lobsters for 200 gp each

If you are interested, pm me in game, its Lpboie in there as well

i will sell u the raws i catch

i will be a perm raw lobby seller

I’ll wait till you get on runescape but right now I have 1.4k (1469) raw lobs for sale. If you want to buy them add me to your list.

i will be ur raw : cooked trader permenant
:gangster: ~phoenix1300~

i buy 1k coocked lobsters for 200k
my rs name: theknight201
what is yours?

hey i trade mt raw ones for ur cooked ones…but gotta wait a while…i’ll trade 500 k ? pm me…runescape name:scholarship

i figured i should emphasize this, i did say to pm me in game, but ill try to check the post a little bit more often to see who is replying, also, funny how it took nearly a month to get my first reply o.O