Buying Willows

Okay forget all the posts ive had on other topics about buying willows. If you want to sell me willows post how many for how much for what person.
How many:
How much:
I would appreciate it if it were at least over 1k. I am telling you right now i buy at a low price so i aint buyin at 100 a pop. REMEMBER IM BUYIN WILLOWS NOTHING ELSE.

I am selling u like 500 willows for a price of 50gp ea if u don’t pay that much then nvm…
well my name is rsn:nicko265

K fine then let me set a price 30 gp each.

actually no i will keep them for firemaking

I will sell you 600 willows 30 gp each

i am selling 700 for 40gp each!!!
add me in the game name is shakori

i got 501 will u buy for 40each?
My name is noxx98

I already set a price of 30 each if u dont wanna sell for that much find someone else. I will buy any amount for 30 gp each. my rs name is sagoz add me and tell me u from rsr willin to sell willows.

ok ill sell them for 30gp each but only because i need the money

okay names sagoz