by the skin of my teeth

it was aranged that i was going to meet my friends at the Chaos Temple. i waited there for about 10 mins (alone), and i saw a white blip on my radar. i waited there hoping he had not seen me, but i thought it was a scout. i was right. i went to meet my friend at the graveyard, and as i left the Temple, there were 3 lvl 80-90’s! i ran for my life, and only just got away taking 7 hp. phew! 8O

whoa dude! lucky!

why would you meet your friends in the wildy? thats pretty risky stuff

Really, how do you know they werent trying to set you up. Are you a higher combat lvl than them?

that is impossible. the lvl difference between you and the lvl 80/90 players is a minum of 46. unless u are playing some warped game where the chaos temple in in lvl 46 wild or if it was on another character, this story is a fake.

p.s. if u were using the character named in your signature, that meant that 3 lvl 80-90 players hit a combined total of 22 while u were running for dear life

Wish FF coulda been there, those lvls are our prey :twisted: