bye bye..... for now I'll be back!!!! just u wait!

Well I’ll miss you ppl… I am gonna go back to China July 10th - August__ I hope the forum will do better with out me. :slight_smile: the Three Kingdom freak…
oh well just name 1 thing I did good in my RSR career… It seems I was never good a Sela or Keyser or Gemini for the matter. but i will be back with a vengence
unless the chinese cables really work

A good Sale? As in Sela? Lmao. You’d never want to be a good ‘Sale.’

Dude! China? That’s so awesome. Have an awesome trip, and I’ll see ya back here at RSR in July, wee!

hope you have a nice trip…take a picture of the great wall and post it on rsr…have fun!

ok i’ll do it
Sale I mean Sela its August

Awesome! I went to China last summer, and i loved it… i hope you have a lot of fun on your trip! See you back in August… btw where are you going in china?

woah, china rocks!!!
all those factories with different things in!
have a fab trip, i no you will, and make up for the lost time on rsr when you get back from your trip!


Woah!! :eek: I’ve always wanted to go to China… Been to Hong Kong hehe… Well have fun there, I’ll miss your itneresting posts here on RSR! And so what if you’re not as good as Sela or Keyser on the forums? :slight_smile:


but i will be one of the richest fisherman on rs!
I’ll try to run the shop from china too!

Have fun going to china dude…and yeah take a pic of the greatwall and post it on here lol

i never got to go to China… Have fun…

Well I think I may be going to China too. Whereabouts are you going?

Nanjing to fish and beijing just to play around wu han to hike on some mountains I am going to Mt. Ding Jun

Have a great trip…

Sounds cool. Have a nice time.

wow we care…

have a awosme time on china, c ya around

wuts that suppose to mean?

hes just being a ass…

Got that right…Hes just jelous…Have an awesom time in china,bring me back a katana and nun-chucks lol!

i have them now…