bye bye runescape hello guild wars

i got guild wars today so im ending my membership on runescape and playing guild wars now :stuck_out_tongue: .i still might play rs once in a while.
edit:nvm i still get to keep my membership w000000t

fr33 st00f pl0x!?!? (just jokin)
really? wat is guild wars?

a reallllly awesome online game

gl on the new game but runescape owns it :stuck_out_tongue:

no offence and i dont mean to flame but guild wars SUCKS

you guys are making me laugh.guild war owns runescape so the graphics,the monsters,and stuff
doesnt matter anyway im still gonna play rs once in a while

You gotta be kidding me, Guild wars owns Rs. Why? Organized guilds, (like clans), great graphics, amazing fighting, great story (has a STORY), theres player vs player except many times better, and more versatily in classes. Anyway, big j add me, hitokiri krytas on the game if you need help or just wanna talk :smiley:

yea im with you.ima play rs once in a while .and ill add you i just started installing it lol when i make my name ill tell you mmk?

I don’t care about all the fancy graphics guild wars has…I know tns of peeps on rs and they don’t have Castle wars (my favourite part of rs) on guild wars :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds gd :stuck_out_tongue: but i’m done Guild Wars for today, but we’ve had favor all day which made me happy (you’ll find out when you get further :D) oh and heres a link to someother people to add

kk my guild wars name is taco nacho lol i was going to put nacho cheese but it wouldnt work :frowning:

guild wars is like 100 times beter than rs no offence people but ever quest owns rs and world of war craft me loves ever quest

gl on your new game

funny graphics doesnt make a good game

dum graphics like rs doesnt make it a better game

this topic have anything to do about runescape

Also some people like games other people hate. Some people like WoW and others like GW, it doesnt matter about the graphics and the monsters it matters on what kind of game you like. We are just sharing our opinions about GW. dont like our opinion? DEAL WITH IT

wow sure was hostle we were just stating facts about rs i guess some can,t see the facks or stats of both games

And some…fail to see that grammar is good for you.

Congratulations on Guild Wars, but what does this have anything to do with Runescape?

Anyways, back on topic.

Have fun in Guild Wars, and don’t ditch us all from Runescape now.

Oh and by the way, for all the people who talk about “graphics” in the game. Games are not rated by the graphics, but how the game runs, and the concept of the game. For instance, Runescape is a RPG type game, while Guild Wars is more of a team based fighter, not completely a RPG I assume.

That’s my opinion on games…


if i wasnt so lazy i would use proper grammer seems as half the people on rsr dont why the hell should i true true.

omg me used a perid

No wonder people’s grades drop at school…

Oh well, sorry for trying to improve your grammar and spelling.


its cool Phrozen_Ice

i wasnt trying too sound mean either