I am requesting a ban please. Dont care any more, next mod that sees this Please ban me.

I’m no mod but i’ll ban you anyway.


wtf is up dude, is this a joke? :\

NO, this is 100% serious. I dont want to be here… any more.

So leave. Jeez.

Some people.

Anywayz I’m sure you expected a “Please don’t leave we love you” but if you want to leave just go - stop trying to get attention.

Im not doing this for attention, im doin this so I dont have to pm a mod because I dont know if any are on. I dont expect a please dont leave, I dont care any more.

I didnt get to know you but im sure that you will be back :wink:

So that’s why you just made this I’m requesting a ban thread?

Trust me, you’re asking for the whole “Please don’t leave” thing. Just go ok!

If you didn’t care, you could’ve just let it be, and never log in. You could check back on the forums once in awhile instead of being trapped outside the forums. We respect you, that one thread you made about the “do you like me” thing, not one person voted no, besides the ones that were joking. If you think you’re disrespected, think again.
I’m thinking this is about Sela and what she said, but that’s just her, she can get melodramatic sometimes, that’s just her personality, don’t pout over it.
Don’t leave, stay, it’s a waste of time about what you’re doing currently.

IM NOT ASKING FOR A PLEASE DONT LEAVE THING. **** you arc, if all your going to do is say im doin shit im not then **** YOU. I could care less about you.

Amen. But think about it. Would somebody no1 likes get HoL?

no, but if people like me, thats great, Ill like them too… But what the **** does that have to do with me leaving? Just because Im HoL I shouldnt leave…

But people like you. And now you’re being annoying. Why don’t you just log off, and never come back? instead you’re BEGGING for attention by making this thread.

If I wanted attention, id say something horribly bad happened to me or something. Or that something amazing happened. No mods on right now can ban me I dont think. How about… No one posts on this? How about that, would that make you feel happier?

Nolty. I don’t know what you want from me. One second you’re happily interested in someone else, then the next you’re angry with me for hooking up with someone.

Look… I dont want anything from you, except for you to block me on aim, and msn, because I will be doing the same alright? I already said my good byes to you.

Even though pretending something happened to you gives you more attention, nevertheless this gives you attention.

So Instead of begging you to stay, I’m begging you to leave. I wouldn’t like it if you stayed because then you’re not keeping your word.

Now I see. This is because you weren’t invited to the party that Sela and all of them were at? I saw you edited out a post from the one thread, and I’m almost positive you said something like “what party?”. That’s childish that you would have a hissyfit over that, I wasn’t invited, and I searched for them for near a half of an hour. :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t get angry about small things, they lead to bigger problems, like this… Which we do not need.

Just because you think it’s the final straw doesn’t mean you have to get us all strung up in this.

IM requesting ban… Im not requesting me to leave… I want to know that there is no possible way for me to come back, post, or anything.

why do you have to be like that, you should stay friends with her