C@$0l@'s and satancha0s's race t0 60!

well C@$0l@ and i decided to race to see who could get their mage/range to 60 :D. C@$0l@ is maging on his pure 0xcaliberx0. I have a little advantige over him because hes free to play, (hes getting members when hes 60 magic.) but he did start the race when he had 45 magic and i had 42 range. Although i am p2p he can lvl alot faster then me so it schould be a tight race…
current stats for satancha0s: 47 range/60
current stats for C@$0l@'s 0xcaliberx0: 46 magic/60
current stats for skylers 0xcaliberx0: 49 magic/60

  1. magics easyer
  2. p2p will win
  3. you have won then…

if magics easier then why wont he win? and p2p isnt THAT THAT much of an advantige

Me like races! Keep us updated with lvl pics and such!

LMFAO. Not much of an advantage, ot’s like cheating on halo, it’s obvious who is going to win.

Lol… For range get cannon and shoot rock crabs

i aready have a cannon… lol
oh and sharpshoo and jack… hes winning…

mage is waaaaaaaay easiyer to train…but if you have a cannon…well then you will get range up pretty fast…that is until you run out of cannon balls…

mage is gunno win lol.

DONT LEAVE ME OUT!!! heres MY oxcaliberx0

(we’re all friends) C@$H0L@ and i made accounts that look the same

Yea, santan, have a mod lock this thread and make it me, u and skyler :wink:

ill just edit it…
satancha0s:44 range baby!

Nahh, cuz the title…
just tell a mod to lock

woot woot 46 range!

current stats for skylers 0xcaliberx0: 48 magic/60[/QUOTE]

make, that 49 mage =)

i want sum1 to tell me how to cut images

make, that 49 mage =)

i want sum1 to tell me how to cut images

arrrgh you’ve taken the lead

lol, how do i vut the image down just to my mage lvl?