cake stall?

can somewhere tell me where the cake stall is ???
i need info for my friend he got 5 thieiving

It’s in Ardougne,in thieving center

:m1helmet: ~Pierre~

Also known as the center of ardougne. :wink: Pretty good theiving xp for beginning thieves, but make sure the guards don’t see you, they can be really annoying.

~Infiltrator4 :ninja:

mmkay lol i found out my friends pass and helets me go on his account now
so far ive gotten him from 34 defence to 40 from 38 str. to 43 and form 1 defence to 13
well thanks infil and killakot

EDIT: do u guys no a spot thats particularly empty in p2p with farmers that ppl dont kill much?

sort of off topic and it aint a cake stall its a bakers stall :wink:

well there’s a lot of stalls in arodougne. good ones too. im there right now. have like 300 cakes from theiving (u also get bread and chocolate slices of cake). nice xp for theive 5-35 or so