Call me ladies

Call me ladies :smiley:

By the way this is my first pic so…I just thought it was funny :wink:

Awsome picture, I give it a 6\10.I think you took that screenie at the right time.

Well your the only one thats posting cry

lol aww, dont cry, nice pic :).

1/10 sorry that is easy lol

thats harsh calenel lol, its his first screenshot, give him some credit.

The quality is good, but I think it would be better if you showed your whole body… unless you have bronze legs that is…

5/10… I guess it’s good for a first screen but the title doesn’t go to well… Maybe something like playing rock, paper, scissors and picking rock but yeah… But then again, I have no say since it is your screen…

umm good pic lol